Let It Flow

I found myself again in Troi Oi’s balcony on a holiday, but this time, it had gotten itself a makeover. Drapes in vibrant shades dangled from the ceiling overhead with the lanterns. Equally colorful throw pillows adorned the wooden benches. A set of conical hats clung to the wall beside the door.

Their avocado smoothie is a must try! Not too sweet nor bland, just the right kind of refreshing sweetness!

How amusing that I was reading a book entitled The Lake House by Kate Morton, while sitting on a spot by the river. Leaning further against the chair, with the hardbound novel propped on my knees, I sipped a glass of avocado smoothie and reveled in its refreshing sweetness. Reveled in this afternoon and all the carefree minutes it had to offer.

By the River Esplanade, I sat down and read a book! 😉


I gazed out to the view that was before me – one of the things that Troi Oi was proud of. The sky was overcast today yet the fire trees lent a pop of color to the scenery like it always did no matter the weather. The river flowed serenely; taking its time and just enjoying its journey.


My mind was a hodgepodge of thoughts and this quiet time offered the respite I needed. There were memories of setbacks and others I’d rather leave in the past. Then there were the hopes and dreams I still hold on to. I never once thought of letting go. You can never tell when possibilities arise, or when Destiny and Fortune decided to pay you a visit again. I felt the way all people my age were feeling. Quarter life crisis, they say? I felt the anxiousness and the impatience that came with it. For some time, I’ve been worried that I’d let a lot of golden opportunities pass by. What if I’d never get another chance? What if I’ll continue hoping and waiting for something that would never come? But oh, what if it all works out eventually? It’s never too late. The longer the wait, the greater the blessing, is it not?

I was never the type to settle for mediocrity. I had always set my sights high. One may say that perhaps I’m being too idealistic, but it’s even sadder if a person just settled; never knowing that they could have more and that they deserve more. And later on, one wonders what could have been and looks back and wishes he or she did this and that when they still had the chance.


I gazed at the river again and admired its fluid grace. It still had a long way to go before it reached the ocean. Yet it still kept on moving forward. Before we know it, it’s finally one with the vastness and beauty of the ocean. Once again, we are reminded to just let things be and just enjoy the present. All this worrying is not contributing anything positive and would only distract us, and if we’re not cautious, would lead us wayward.

I remembered what my man, Michael, told me last year, and it has remained one of my philosophies in life since – “Appreciate everything you have right now, because any moment, anything and everything can change. Life is movement. Don’t resist it.”

 And as cliché as it sounds – just let it flow.


Troi Oi is located in Riverside Boardwalk, Mandurriao, Iloilo City, Philippines.

Photos by Xane Digital Productions


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