Barn There, Done That!




Wake up to a new day in your suite and anticipate a hearty breakfast feast at The Barn Breakfast Bistro.

Located at the 3rd floor of the B Lifestyle Complex, The Barn Breakfast Bistro is a refreshing respite from the pricey breakfast meals usually served in hotels. Here, you’ll be treated to reasonably priced, generous and filling servings of your favorite brekkie choices like corned beef, eggs (fried, scrambled, salted, etc.), sausage, and pancakes.


I have eaten here thrice. First was with my boyfriend. Then the next weekend, with my co-blogger, Roxanne, and third, during a simple birthday lunch hosted by a friend. My personal favorites are the Barn Sausage & Corned Beef Crave, as seen in the photos below.

Barn Sausage
BREAKFAST BINGE. Barn Sausage, Iced Tea & Corned Beef Crave
ICED TEA ALWAYS REFRESHING. This matchy-matchy set of glasses and pitcher of Iced Tea are just adorable! Now you can gulp down your favorite iced tea drink in style!
My co-blogger Roxanne, had herself a burger.

The clean and rustic, rodeo-inspired interiors, coupled with bright furnishings, and with sunlight slipping through the windows further illuminating the place, lend a warm and snug ambiance so you can dine here while feeling at home. For this place to be christened as The Barn couldn’t be any more apt!

Also, we liked how accommodating and alert the staff were. They did their best to ensure we enjoyed our dining experience at The Barn. We also noted how they carried themselves – smart and professional.



If you’re craving for a breakfast meal at any time of the day, or want to throw a cowboy-themed birthday party, then The Barn Breakfast Bistro is just the place!

Location: The B Lifestyle Complex is located in Diversion Road, Cuartero-Jaro near Chevrolet – Jaro branch. Operating hours: 7 am – 10pm.


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