Nautical & Nice

There’s just something about the nautical look that is subtle but attention-grabbing. Clean lines, hues of blue and white (oftentimes mixed with neutral colors)… it all looks so refreshing to the eye, and exudes laid-back vibes, neatness, comfort and refinement.

Although often referred to as a summer trend, the nautical look has become a more timeless style thanks to its classic and keep-it-simple-but-stunning appearance. Thus, can be worn no matter what the season. You can enjoy the nautical look on a carefree weekend, casual event, or a busy day at work.

When worn on point amidst a vintage, outdoorsy or maritime kinda background, the nautical charm becomes something more… romantic.

Navy blue tank top: Forever21 | Blue-and-white striped skirt: ForMe Clothing Philippines | Wedge sandals: Gaisano Guanco Department Store (Iloilo City)







 Lighthouses – lonely from afar, but towering, majestic and unfailingly sends its light to voyagers and wayward sailors. Their often solitary state gives them an enigmatic appeal. There’s just something about them when they’re in the backdrop of a photograph.  Either they evoke romantic, summer vibes or a more mystifying feel, depending on how it’s captured in a photo.

Wishing you many smooth-sailing days ahead!



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