My Bohemian Birthday Bash


Before September ends. I celebrated my birthday a few days earlier than the actual day; on the weekend prior to be exact, and it was the most memorable and fun celebration I have had to date! I do believe that the Universe willed for all of it to happen!

I’ve always been fond of boho chic style, and I had always dreamed of having a bohemian-inspired birthday bash. And heaps of thanks to my creative and super talented friends who made it possible!

This September baby only planned a small and intimate birthday lunch. I asked my dear friends, April and Anvie, for just simple table decorations. Nothing too elaborate. And upon arriving at The Mango Tree Restaurant, I was surprised! With what my eyes beheld, I got more than what I asked for and expected…





Dream catchers, colorful paper cut into long ribbons, and what seemed to be twine, hung on wooden beams connected to the ceiling. Rustic, sunny and romantic centerpieces adorned the long tables. The dinnerware was set up fancily; with cute parasols on top of the plates. To the right, where there were only just small tables for two, had been replaced with crates coupled with feminine and dainty decorations. Plus, the garden view facing us!

I was really moved by this gesture; all their efforts… Everything breathed warmth and calm exuberance. My heart started to sing its own happy song that I could not put into words. I was so overwhelmed with love… even until now as I type this entry; reliving the entire experience with you. And I’m really happy that it was all perfectly captured in pictures!

Just like how I felt that day, I wish everyone lightness of heart!






Birthday OOTD 

Off-shoulder top: Forever21 | Black leggings: Uniqlo | Flower Crown: Broadway Gems | Gold Chain Ring Bracelet: RJ Gems | Gold and brown sandals: Celine Philippines | Dragonfly earrings & clutch bag: Mags PH






Photos by: Kristian Peace Braquis (Instagram: @purelyrandomart / Facebook: The Groomsmen), and Renel Sarmiento | Venue: The Mango Tree Restaurant – Iloilo City 


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