Together Again in Las Vegas





My second day in Las Vegas ushered in another chance at exploring and appreciating the city and its lifestyle. It also heralded a reunion with longtime friends.

Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

What’s a trip to Las Vegas without the mandatory tourist photo with this iconic and colorful sign/post? During the day, lots of people flock to this spot and take turns having their picture taken with it. If this Las Vegas sign had been a real person, it would be a sought-after celebrity and willingly signs an autograph for you too! At night, it’s all lit up and looks very cheery and welcoming to anyone who’s entering the city in the evening.






Mandalay Bay, The Excalibur & The Luxor

All three are immense luxury hotels and casinos and are connected with each other via trams. The Excalibur is obviously medieval-themed. Meanwhile, the Luxor is Egypt-themed; named after the ancient city of Luxor, also known as ancient Thebes centuries ago. It also has a majestic pyramid-shaped tower. Do take the tram ride going upwards to get a good view of its replicas of the sphinx and King Arthur’s Sword.



The bridge at Excalibur overlooks New York-New York, another scenic tourist route inspired by The Big Apple.



A glimpse of what Mandalay Bay looks like inside (photo below). This huge bar is then surrounded by casinos and other game tables left and right.


New York-New York

Another luxury hotel-casino. Its architecture is inspired by New York City and along its streets you’ll find plenty of restaurants and cafes. The famous Hershey’s Chocolate World is located here and its huge stock of Hershey’s chocolate, candies, and merchandise. With its laid-back vibe, New York-New York is the perfect spot for some quiet time and chitchats with friends and family.





The Shake Shack 

This popular American fast-food chain is known for serving the best milkshakes. Don’t forget to pair it with a burger and fries! It started out in New York and eventually expanded across the US after reaching success. How fitting that it would have a branch here in New York-New York, Las Vegas.




To truly experience Las Vegas, take a leisurely walk along the Strip. The go-to places are just standing beside each other anyway so there’s little chance of you getting lost, especially when you got friends living in Vegas for a long time touring you around. The CityCenter is a posh urban complex and retail district. Its malls you really have to see – for their jaw-dropping line of upscale boutiques, and swanky architecture!





Don’t miss out on having a photo op with this sculpture outside Aria.



The day turned out to be more fun than I expected. All that walking got me kinda tired, but hey, it was all worth it! I look forward to flying back to Vegas again in the near future.

Thank you so much for dropping by and taking time to read! Hope this helps in your itinerary planning whether you’re booking your first trip to Las Vegas or visiting again for the second time around.





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