Vegas, Baby! – Part I

All roads led to Las Vegas for our first weekend in America! 

View of Las Vegas at night from our suite in Marriott Vacation Club Grand Chateau

After a four-hour drive, we arrived in Sin City late in the evening where brilliant lights and towering establishments greeted us. We sped by plenty of iconic buildings and landmarks (like the popular Welcome to Vegas sign) that were all lit up. As we rode past its bustling and crowded streets, it was very clear to see that the city never seems to sleep at all. A throng of people – locals, groups of friends, families, tourists, etc… – were gathered about the Strip, the famous tourist route in Vegas, thanks to its long stretch of casinos and hotels. It’s like the day has only just begun for them.

Everybody was enjoying the kind of exuberant nightlife that only Las Vegas can give (and what it’s renowned for) with its 24-hour casinos, fine dining restaurants, upscale shopping malls, and lively late-night shows.

Caesars Palace is a massive Roman-themed casino hotel in between the Mirage & the Bellagio.
The Eiffel Tower Experience – The Eiffel Tower replica at Paris Las Vegas!

It had been a long journey for us all the way here, so we decided to take a break first in our suite at the Marriott Vacation Club Grand Chateau before we proceeded to enjoying the nightlife.

Gold Coast Hotel & Casino

This swanky hotel casino was our first stop here in our first evening in Las Vegas. When in Vegas, you should definitely take a chance at playing in casinos just for the fun of it. It doesn’t matter whether you lose or have hit a jackpot.






This luxury hotel, resort and casino located in the Strip was our last stop. One word: OPULENT. 

More than a thousand hand-blown glass flowers cover the lobby ceiling. They’re known as Fiori di Como by American glass sculptor, Dale Chihuly.

This is just the lobby. Wait till you see what’s inside.



The Conservatory and Botanical Gardens boasts of an awe-inspiring garden display inspired by the seasons. The gardens’ entire look changes, depending on what season it is at the time. It was springtime when we went there, thus these sakura-slash-Japanese-inspired, colorful works of art. It was like stepping into a fairy tale! Everywhere you looked was more than enough to make you go, “Wow!”

Encircling the conservatory and garden are a line of high-end boutiques.








The Fountains of Bellagio is another attraction you should NEVER miss while you’re in Vegas! Watch as the waters gracefully come alive, shooting upwards and downwards in choreographed motion, in sync with lights and music. They’re located just in front of the hotel and can be seen from various vantage points in the Strip. Performances from this musical fountain take place every 30 minutes during the afternoons and early evenings. From 8pm to midnight, it showers back to life every 15 minutes.

While Las Vegas is enjoyable during the day (Part 2 coming up next!), it’s most certainly a spectacle to behold and an experience to relish in at night. (But get some sleep though! There’s more to explore in Las Vegas! You’re gonna need a lot of energy for it. *grins*)


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