Ye Iconic Hollywood Sign + A Day at Griffith

Short note: While I’d intended to share my LA trip in chronological order, I felt that skipping to this particular entry was necessary since I previously posted about exploring Hollywood. Even if we didn’t get to see the iconic sign until several days after, this definitely goes well together with the previous one. 

So we parked somewhere down the winding road of the Griffith Observatory. My relatives, brother and I then huddled outside of our cars and contemplated if we’d still push through with the long walk all the way to the top. The skies looked really overcast and the rain began to pour. I looked into the distance and saw a blurry image of the observatory peeking at us from behind a thin sheet of fog. We were here already and what a waste of opportunity if we just left. So we gamely decided to stay and continue with the trek going upwards.




Now, if you were unable to hike towards the iconic Hollywood sign when in Hollywood, and if you’re not an outdoorsy and mountaineering kinda person, then a trip to the Griffith Observatory is for you! The path is developed; providing a long sidewalk for tourists and locals to tread on while making their way uphill. The said place is a famous tourist attraction as it has an excellent view of the Hollywood sign and downtown Los Angeles from where it stands, as well as a wide array of displays related to space and science.

The old saying that ‘the view from the top is worth it’ could not be any more apt for our little adventure here in Griffith! The moment you finally reach the area/parking lot right outside the observatory, look to your right and voila! – the iconic Hollywood sign!


I was actually worried the whole time we were going up. I thought that perhaps the wind, rain and fog would conceal the view. I was wrong. Thank the heavens! To behold the Hollywood sign before my very eyes after a lengthy walk in the inclement weather was a reward. (Checked off my bucket list. Haha!)

View of the Hollywood sign on a rainy day.


The cold never bothered me anyway! The walk upwards was worth it with this awesome view of the iconic Hollywood sign.

Admission to the Griffith Observatory is free although they charge a small amount for a couple of planetarium shows inside. Have fun getting into them as well as exploring around and gazing at their displays. Parking is also free.

Griffith Observatory


The Astronomers Monument in front of the entrance.



Tesla Coil
The Foucault Pendulum was designed to show the Earth’s rotation.




This vibrant Aztec Calendar Stone was really eye-catching! I also loved how they provided really informative details with it! (Shown in the images below. Click on ’em for a better view.)


This blog and my photos can only share with you so much. You should really drop by the Griffith Observatory as there’s a whole lot more to see! For souvenirs and other cosmically-inclined paraphernalia, they have a gift shop across the cafe. Everything inside was cute and witty and funny!

Star Wars fans, these books are for you!



You can now keep your promise to your significant other of giving him or her the entire universe with these adorable stuffed toys inspired by the planets in our solar system!



I thought to myself how smart and amusing this necklace was…


Ending this post with a couple of encouraging words —


For more details, you may visit their website, 



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