Of Plains & Prints and Pretty Cafe Interiors




Blue green off shoulder top from Mags Boutique Philippines, Origami shorts from Plains & Prints, Strappy Peach-Beige sandals from Celine Shoes/CLN Philippines

Ever since, I have always loved off-the-shoulder tops! Ask my family and friends. E I pair it with either jeans, leggings, or a cute pair of shorts. I like how it flatters the clavicle and shoulder area, and I do believe this should be a must-have piece for you if your assets are your shoulders.

I like how just by wearing it, a girl exudes feminine sensuality but in a way that’s subtle and not trashy. In short, off-the-shoulder tops are sexy and elegant all at the same time!

This is my favorite shot!

This cute off-shoulder top had been lying in my closet for quite some time since I didn’t have the perfect pair of jeans or shorts to go with it. That was until a quick stop to my favorite Filipino fashion brand, Plains & Prints, led me to this cute pair of origami shorts from their newest collection. I fell in love with it instantly! I then remembered my top and knew they’d look good together.

During the Eye Society VIP Shopping Event that I attended and blogged about recently, I finally got the chance to wear this blue green, boho-inspired ensemble. I tried tucking in my top but its hem was too short for that, so I just let it be for comfort.

For the shoes, I chose this strappy peach-and-beige sandals from Celine Phils. I thought that the Aztec-y design found at the heel went well with the lines and origami design of the shorts, as well as matching with the soft and peachy color in it. Its dominantly neutral shade balanced the vibrant hue of my outfit to steer clear from looking too bright. That would have been overwhelming! Thus, what inspired the title of this entry. Plains & Prints didn’t solely mean the brand, it also mirrored the mix of a plain top with a bottom and pair of shoes decked in prints. I thought it would be a nice pun? Get it? *grins at you*

Lastly, for my accessories, I chose to keep it simple and opted for pearls, a classic favorite! You can never go wrong with ’em.




Short Info about the Location:


Bluejay Coffee & Deli is one of the top coffee places in Iloilo City. Its branch in SM City-Iloilo has one of the most picturesque interiors ever! It’s rustic and earthy, thus giving off a laid-back vibe. Customers who go here not only enjoy the cozy ambiance, beverages and desserts, they also have fun getting their photos taken against the cafe’s Instagram-worthy backdrops. Wouldn’t you agree?


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