Hollywood: A Walk with the Stars

Los Angeles is dubbed the entertainment capital of the world. The multitudinous films and songs that we’ve come to love have been produced in its equally countless number of studios. A lot of LA residents are involved in the creative industry. This is also the number one venue for movie premieres, significant events and milestones in the history of cinema, celebrity sightings, concerts and other star-studded occasions! Thus, you have never been to LA if you have not visited Hollywood! After Nethercutt and a quick stop at Yoshinoya along the way, we proceeded to this famed tourist attraction.

The roads were all adorned with towering palm trees that California is known for. The sun shone brightly as it dangled in the robin blue skies. The temperature was not as warm as I expected it to be, still, I allowed the cool breeze to wrap me in its icy embrace. I took in the vibrant surroundings; could hear nothing but sounds of laughter, lively conversation, music, and excitement. I used to just read about it in magazines, books, the Internet; used to just catch glimpses of it in movies and on TV. And there I was. Entering Hollywood was a dream come true.

Top Places to See in Hollywood

Hollywood Bowl – A wide and grayish structure inspired by Grecian and Egyptian architecture stands by the entrance to this amphitheater famous for its band shell-shaped stage and for its many musical events. (The venue was closed though when we got there, so I wasn’t able to take a decent photo of the stage.) 




Dolby Theatre – Used to be known as the Kodak Theatre. With its massive area and striking Art Deco columns, the Dolby Theatre has been the venue for awards shows (Academy Awards & Oscars!), live concerts, musicals, symphonies and other red carpet events.

About the time we got there, preparations were in order for the annual Equestrian Awards hosted by an Arabian royal.




Me & my brother… And a glimpse of the Dolby Theatre’s Art Deco columns and Hard Rock Cafe behind us!
The sidewalk outside Dolby Theatre’s lined with the famous Walk of Fame stars!

Hollywood Walk of Fame – This is a long strip of sidewalks embedded with pointed brass and terrazzo stars in honor of actors, actresses, musicians and TV personalities who have greatly contributed to the entertainment industry. The name of the individual is placed atop an emblem of his or her category be it in film or music. I’m certain you’ll have fun searching for that of your favorite star’s!


If only to be kept suspended in time in this place! (Reference to Olivia’s song in the 1980 musical fantasy film, Xanadu – “Suspended in Time”. *wink wink*)
Heads up, Potterheads! Daniel Radcliffe’s star is somewhere outside the Dolby Theatre.
How could I not have a photo taken with Julie Andrews’ star when The Sound of Music is my all-time favorite movie?

TCL Chinese Theatre – Also known as Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. An Oriental cinema palace standing on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, it is famous for the set of concrete blocks outside it bearing the handprints, footprints, and signatures of popular actors and actresses since the 1920’s to the present. The largest IMAX auditorium can also be found here.

Feel free to click on the images or scroll across them for a more close up view.

Sound of Music fan girl right here! Christopher Plummer’s block.

And let’s not forget the El Capitan Theatre! It’s a restored movie palace and it’s where Disney has most of its film premieres.


More on Hollywood

Hollywood is also a shopping destination, and if you’re up for a snack or want to have lunch or dinner already, there are plenty of restaurants for you to choose from. What also struck me about Hollywood was their dominantly Art Deco or ancient Greek and Egyptian architecture. (Click on the images below for a better view.)

As you continue exploring, you will encounter some pretty interesting characters. You will come across several people dressed up and acting as a famous Hollywood celebrity or movie persona like Superman, Captain Hook, or Marilyn Monroe. You can have a couple of souvenir photos taken with them and you can tip them with a dollar.

Hollywood was dazzling and exciting! I can’t wait to go back someday, and hey, maybe this time, I’ll get to spot my favorite celebs in the flesh! I’ll blog about the iconic Hollywood sign very soon. In the meantime, let me end this entry with this photo and accompanying caption below:

SIGNED AND SEALED. “It’s great to be here!” We totally agree with John Travolta right there!

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