Eye Candy: Eye Society PH holds VIP Shopping Event

Sense of sight is a gift from God. It allows us to appreciate all that is beautiful around us; grants perfect interaction with our loved ones; helps ensure our safety, and makes it possible for us to engage in different day-to-day activities that are vital in our holistic development. Eye glasses, contact lenses, and sunglasses – whether you’ve a problematic eyesight or not, it’s definitely a must to invest in these items to help protect your vision!

With premier eyewear boutique, Eye Society, you can give your eyes the care and treatment they deserve! They offer free eye check-up and house the widest portfolio of posh eyewear brands for you to choose from. If you’re the practical go-getter, or a free-spirited jetsetter; bookworm, beach bum, or fashionista, they’ll always have something that’s in your taste and preference. They’re not dubbed as Visionaries of Style for nothing!

So just this Wednesday, August 17, Eye Society, located at the Upper Ground floor of SM City Iloilo’s New Wing, held a VIP Shopping Event to celebrate their opening and to commemorate its milestone as the said brand’s first ever branch in Iloilo City! They have been operating since 1956 and already have ten branches nationwide.


Mikko Araneta (Brand Manager of Eye Society), Patricia Canton (Regional Manager – Visayas and Mindanao for Eye Society, Inc.), Tim Duenas (Brand Manager for Vision Express), and Farrah Rodriguez (Marketing Head of Eye Society, Inc.) accommodated us and shared info and fun facts about each brand and the company itself.

This event was hosted by Rainier Pacis, an avid collector of Ray-Ban shades, and guests were treated to a delicious cocktail feast from Tonino’s Ristorante.

The event’s host, Rainier Pacis, sporting one of his collections from Ray-Ban.
Pasta, nachos, sandwiches and coolers by Tonino’s were served to the guests.

Eye Society’s ability to offer a fashion statement and making eye health as one of their top priorities has made them a favorite among the country’s celebrities and society’s elite. Their spacious, clean, and organized interiors provide for a relaxing shopping ambiance for clients. No more second guessing or fretting over what frame ideally suits you as their in-house eye stylists are all expertly trained, thus giving you only the best complimentary eye makeovers! They can help you pick out the perfect frames based on your face shape, eye color, skin tone, personality, and lifestyle!



As evident in the photos, everything was a sight to behold! (Pun intended! See what I just did there?) Display cases and racks stored high-end eyewear brands, including exclusive and limited edition pieces from iconic brands like Ray-Ban, Prada, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Michael Kors, Giorgi Armani, and much more! Indie brands like Persol (an Adam Levine fave) can be found here as well.

Attendees browsed through the store’s collection of Ray-Ban shades
Ray-Ban Polarized Lenses
Ray-Bans for sale

Here is Farrah, Eye Society’s Marketing Head, explaining to us their Ray-Ban collection —


Trivia – Prior to being a fashion statement and the bestselling eyewear brand in the world, Ray-Bans were actually specs manufactured for the sole purpose of shielding soldiers’ eyes from the sun’s rays as they battled in World War II. The name Ray-Ban was birthed from the phrase “ban the rays”. It’s come a long way now. Amazing!

Mikko then showed us their current Ray-Ban collections – the Gatsby collection with its vintage design inspired by the eyewear trend of the 1920’s, and the Club Rounds collection. You have to watch out for their Gradient collection that’s coming soon!

Ray-Ban Club Rounds Collection
Ray-Ban Gatsby Collection. Fancy to have one, old sport? 
Very unique and sophisticated designs only from Prada. I especially adored that one on the upper right with its elegant arch and swirls! It’s definitely eye candy!
From Dolce & Gabbana’s Spain & Sicily Collection

As mentioned earlier, they give free check-ups and eye health is a top priority of Eye Society. Concerns regarding your eyesight are addressed through their comprehensive 12-step eye exam conducted by professional optometrists using technologically advanced equipment. They also offer a variety of prescription lenses, frames, and contact lenses (colored or plain).

Step into this room where you can get your eyes checked with their 12-Step Eye Exam!

Wearing eyeglasses need not be boring with these frames and lenses!



Guests from the media were given a token of Roy Fire New York sunglasses, a house brand of Eye Society. For the rest of the event, we continued browsing through the other items and having snippets of conversation with one another.

Loving my new Roy Fire New York shades! Thanks, Eye Society! 
L-R. The company Executives – Farrah Rodriguez (Marketing Head for Eye Society, Inc.), Mikko Araneta (Brand Manager for Eye Society, Inc.), Timothy Duenas (Brand Manager for Vision Express) & Patricia Canton (Regional Manager – VisMin for Eye Society, Inc.)

Thank you, Eye Society, for inviting us and for choosing to open a branch here in the country’s City of Love! Now, Ilonggos can easily shop for the latest and chicest pair of sunglasses, eye glasses, frames and contact lenses!

And… Watch out for this up and coming event. More details soon!


For more information, visit them online at eyesociety.com.ph, Facebook.com/eyesocietyph, and follow them on Instagram @eyesocietyph. 



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