Nethercutt Collection: Functional Fine Art, Part II

When you’re through touring around the Nethercutt Museum, just book a reservation for a guided tour in the Nethercutt Collection (just across the museum) at the receptionist’s desk. Admission is FREE and by reservation only. Children must be 12 years and older.

Before I proceed with this entry, here are some more details for when you’re planning your trip to the Nethercutt Collection. All these are taken from the Visitor Information papers that you can get for yourself at the receptionist’s —

What to See: Over 50 Antique, Vintage, Black Iron & Classic Automobiles, displayed in the Lower and Grand Salon Showrooms together with the world’s finest assemblage of Mechanical Musical Instruments

When to Visit: Entrance by guided tour only. Tours are offered Thursday – Saturday 10:00 am or 1:30 pm, and are approximately two hours in length. No video or flash photography are permitted. 

Closed Sunday – Wednesday and all major holidays, Memorial Weekend, 4th of July, Labor Day Weekend, Thanksgiving Weekend, and two weeks during the Christmas Holiday


Once the tour started, the tour guide welcomed us to the Lower Salon that’s decked with more vintage cars and this time, a wide array of antiques like coins, figurines, and mechanical musical instruments. The music boxes still function, so you get to listen to melodies that people in the past also enjoyed listening to.



Franklin Mint “History of the United States”; Commemorative collector coins. First Edition sterling silver and solid bronze edition.

Check out this impressive collection of golden spoons and forks with the Gorham Versailles Pattern!

Golden forks in the Gorham Versailles Pattern
Rack of golden spoons in the Gorham Versailles Pattern
Posing beside a 1904 Cameron

Afterwards, we were then led to the Grand Salon, and they were not joking when they called it grand. My eyes widened and my mouth was agape. Stepping into the Grand Salon was like stepping into a palace ballroom! Painted, high-rise ceilings, elegant columns; wood paneling; the crystal chandelier; the marble floor, and the grand staircase leading you to the second floor (which I sadly was not able to take a picture of as I was already too preoccupied with the antiques). Imagine yourself all dressed up in a ball gown or 20’s attire and having a party here!

Tourists and vintage automobiles filled up The Grand Salon.

And, oh yeah… This 18K Gold Regina Music Box greets you by the entrance to the Grand Salon!

The 18K Gold Regina Music Box and our tour guide

The Grand Salon showcases cars from the 1910’s, 1920’s, and 1930’s. Here are more photos, and this’ll be my last post about them.

1932 Maybach looking very sleek!
Care for a ride? A glimpse of what’s inside the Maybach.
1930 Dupont
Another look at the Dupont

Throughout the tour, we were being serenaded with classical music by this mechanical grand piano which is the first thing you’ll see once you reach the landing of the second floor. This old piano was playing on its own with the use of recorded old compositions running through… *points at that slot and white sheet of paper over there* Kinda makes you feel that the composer of that song was still alive and the one playing for you! Amazing, huh? I couldn’t take a video since it was strictly prohibited.


Moving forward you’ll discover plenty of interesting pieces stored here. The tour guide shared a lot of knowledge and fun facts with us regarding each. So many details to absorb… Information overload at its finest! He’s totally a pro at his job!

Here’s a Louis XV Cylinder Desk. On the card there on top, it reads: This Cylinder Desk is a 19th century replica of the “Bureau du Roi”, King Louis XV desk at Versailles. During the 19th century the French government allowed five replicas of the desk to be reproduced, this is one of the five. The china disks on either end were crafted by the French company, “Serves” and the woodwork on the desk is referred to as Illustration Marquetry with 15 different types of wood used in the design.

A replica of the Louis XV Cylinder Desk
Swarovski pieces

When you’re in this floor, never fail to take a photo of this exquisite silver sculpture!

Spirit of the West


Pony Express Letter

The phonograph or the grammophone and wax cylinders were the earliest devices used for recording or reproducing sound. The tour guide let me hold one of the cylinders and it felt very light and immaculately smooth to the touch!

Phonograph and wax cylinders with the tour guide!
Look! Musical watches! Time to explore the Music Room!

The more in-depth we went on musical instruments only meant that we were finally headed to The Music Room! I’ll be blogging about that next! Relive the music of yesteryear with their world class collection of pipe organs and orchestrions!



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