Lunching Out in Dapug Food Hauz

A couple of days ago, me and a couple of bloggers had our lunch together at Dapug Food Hauz located in Diversion Road, Mandurriao.

TRIVIA: Dapug (“dah-poog”) is a Visayan term for the earthen pot used for cooking.

Busog and happy with our lunch! 

My father and his friends always go here, and so do others I know and we can see, or rather, taste, why! The food’s great! Dapug serves filling and freshly cooked Filipino dishes that everyone is familiar and beloved with. Their food presentation is fine too!

What’s a meal without a hearty bowl of soup? Like this sinigang!
Pork belly na sugba
Boneless bangus, a seafood favorite

These are just some of the flavorful dishes we had in Dapug. They also serve steamed talaba, shrimp, and a whole lot more. When you’re choosing where to dine out with your family or friends, I highly encourage you guys to try out Dapug Food Hauz and taste the experience! I know I will and I’m definitely taking another one of my friends here next time. 🙂


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