Uniqlo says Konnichiwa to Iloilo!

Uniqlo is finally here in the City of Love!


The top apparel brand from Tokyo, Japan, known for its clothes that exude simplicity, longevity and modern elegance, is already geared up for its official opening on June 17, 2016! (Take note of that, guys!) 

To celebrate this momentous occasion, Uniqlo brought together noted people from the press as well as the who’s who of Iloilo City last June 14, 2016 for a VIP Shopping event.

IMG_4437Media people happily toting their free Uniqlo lunch bag.

IMG_4464Cocktails were laid out in pristine, vintage arrangements for the guests.

Uniqlo offers quality basic essentials with neat details and uphold its value for comfort and timelessness like tees, dresses, hats, leggings, jackets, jeans and whole lot more! They even have their own line of comfy shorts which they simply coined as Relaco Shorts (combination of the words “relaxation” and “comfort”). Now, that’s clever!

IMG_4451Picture yourself lounging at home on a warm, sunny day with these snug and colorful shorts! 

IMG_4452Look absolutely chic with their denim jacket and jeans!

IMG_4442Style and comfort in one.

They also have collaborations with Disney, as well as with Liberty London known for bright and floral prints.

IMG_4461Little girls will surely love their Minnie Mouse or Alice in Wonderland shirts!

IMG_4463Cute apparel up for grabs!

IMG_4455Only the coziest for your baby. 

To warmly welcome the guests before formally starting the VIP Shopping, the staff of Uniqlo rendered a simple opening number to those in attendance, as shown in the picture below:


The staff paid homage to the presence of their guests by bowing down several times. In Japan, this is considered a respectful gesture.

So complete your day with a visit to Uniqlo – SM City Iloilo and guaranteed you’ll love the shopping experience!


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