Cool Relief

When my Dichi (that’s second eldest sister in Fookien Chinese) flew back to New Zealand after a week’s visit here, she gave me a couple of stuff she was certain that I’d love! One was a Soothing Aloe Vera Gel from a Korean brand, Nature Republic.


This product’s a God-send since the summer days have been tremendously hot,ย and I didn’t really feel like applying lotion to moisturize and protect my skin from the scorching rays of the sun, as it would only make me feel sticky instead of refreshed the moment I step out the door. (Umbrella or no umbrella!)

It’s made up of 92% Aloe Vera (as can be seen on its front label). Aloe vera is a popular ingredient in products for moisturizing the skin thanks to its high water content. It also contains lots of vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, amino acids, etc. which help to keep skin soft, smooth and glowing! Plus, it’s free from harmful chemicals that can usually be found in other beauty products. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I lather on the soothing gel to my body (especially to my arms, neck, and legs) after I’ve taken a shower since it’s when skin is still moist that makes retaining moisture the easiest and most effective! But of course, one can always bring this product around wherever they go so that they can re-apply in the middle of the day or when they feel that the heat is penetrating already.

The gel is cool and it gives you this rejuvenated feeling the moment it meets your skin. After a few days, I really saw and felt the difference – my skin isn’t as dry as when it was during the start of summer and it feels even gentler to the touch! I also love that the scent of aloe vera in this product isn’t too strong. It’s calming but at the same time, revitalizing! Definitely, a perfect must-have for summer!


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