The Moon Represents My Heart



我的情也真 我的爱也


You ask how deep my love is for you

How much I really love you

My feelings are real, my love is real

The moon represents my heart…

That was the first stanza of the famous classic song, Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin (The Moon Represents My Heart), sung and popularized by the late Teresa Teng in the 70’s. It’s one of the greatest Chinese pop songs of all times. I’m sure you’ve heard of this song as it is always played during Chinese New Year’s, wedding receptions AND Moon Cake Festivals, especially if you’re a Filipino-Chinese.

I first heard this soft and sweet tune back when I was in 6th or 5th grade, when my Chinese teacher chose me to join a singing contest for the Chinese New Year’s celebration in school. Lao shi (that’s Mandarin for “teacher”) had me listen to a few pieces and selected which would be best for me. I didn’t get to sing the classic song since we both decided that another song, You Wo You Ni, (I Have, You Have/Forever You & I), suited me best since the melody was more cheery and for girls my age. Yet Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin remained stuck in my mind even after I got to finally sing You Wo You Ni onstage and bagged First Place. 🙂

Years later, while paying Plains & Prints in SM City Iloilo a visit, I saw this beautiful dress adorned with an intricate Oriental design at the front made of nothing but sequins! It made me remember Teresa Teng’s song when I laid eyes on it. I fell in love with it in a heartbeat and asked the salesladies (who are already familiar with me since I’m a regular customer there) to have it reserved. The next day, I dropped by again and purchased the dress. I wore it for the Chinese New Year’s celebration in Santa Maria Parish as the Filipino-Chinese community happily welcomed the Year of the Snake. It was like wearing a lovely and elegant work of art! As it was perfect for the occasion, it was also perfect for a shoot I would have later on…


Towards the end of February, a fellow parishioner who happens to be one of the members of DPI (Discover Panay Island), a group of photographers and bloggers here in Iloilo, asked me if I wanted to model for him and three other photographers. Since I’ve always loved pretty pictures and fun shoots, I agreed to it.

For the shoot, Therese Bandojo (the HMUA), opted for a natural and elegant look for me. My hair was set in loose waves that rested themselves gracefully upon my shoulders. Classic pearl earrings were my only accessories for the shoot because the design of the dress was already dominant and attention-stealing in a graceful way, of course. And as they say, in accessorizing, less is more!



Throughout the day, we made the most out of each minute that passed. They clicked on their shutters away while I came up with different poses (and some expressions) for them. It was a mixture of hard work and fun under the sun. And yes, it was a success! The pictures are proof of the artistic talents of the photographers namely – Marcos Jurquina, Jhureen Gabalunos, Joel Miles Molina, and Artist KC John – don’t you think? I look forward to future shoots with them.




我的情不移 我的爱不变


You ask how deep my love is for you

How much I really love you

My affection doesn’t waver

My love for you will not change

The moon represents my heart. ❤


7 thoughts on “The Moon Represents My Heart

    1. I get that comment a lot! Knowing that for those who’ve read my works before to say they find it light or carefree inspires me and keeps me going. Thanks, Jaana. ❤

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