Start of Something New

Hello everyone! First and foremost, thank you for stopping by and taking your time to read my first ever post! 

Every time a new year dawns upon us, we look forward to it with much anticipation and hope. New years are always associated with new beginnings, promises of good things yet to come, endless possibilities and a lot of firsts for everyone – be it landing your first job, first romance, first day at a new place, first time to try something out, etc.

And so it is with this new, uh, endeavor of mine which I planned to launch this summer (and I did!) – finally starting my own blog, and here I am, typing the first ever entry. I’ve been thinking a lot of doing so earlier this 2013 and got a lot of support and encouragement from my loved ones. Here, I’ll be sharing with you my thoughts, inspirations and what it is I’m passionate about. There’s – dressing up; being the ever willing subject in creative shoots with my photographer friends; memorable and exciting events; hobbies, all things girly and the like.

So, I’ll keep this one short and sweet for I am about to embark on the next post and work on it. 😉


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